Pink Diamond Capital A History of Growth.

The Trusted Specialists in Diamond Investing
Pink Diamond Capital A History of Growth.

Pink Diamond Capital

Pink Diamond Capital specialises in acquiring Argyle Certified Pink Diamonds for asset diversification. We offer investors a bespoke and holistic service; from sourcing to valuation, storage, and insurance.

Pink Diamond Capital works with investors globally to help build their wealth by hand picking diamonds to meet their specific investment needs. All our Argyle Certified  Pink Diamonds are hand selected by GAA accredited diamond specialists for the finest quality, and performance consideration.

Pink Diamonds

Pink Diamonds have strong historical performance. They have appreciated more than 600% from 2000 to 2020, outperforming all other traditional assets.

Investment grade Pink Diamonds are such a strong performer because the world’s annual natural Pink Diamond supply is very limited. Additionally, the Argyle mine in Western Australia, its primary source, ceased all mining operations in 2020.

As a result, investors have seen Pink Diamonds appreciate 15-20% in value each year spurred on by high market demand. The value of Pink Diamonds is independent of financial markets, consumer spending, or other diamond jewellery demand and they maintain their value in tough economic times such as the Global Financial Crisis, where prices remained stable.

Investing With Us

Pink Diamond Capital prides itself on individualised service, we understand not all investors are the same. Through our consultative process, we understand our client’s investment goals then hand-select specific Argyle Certified Pink Diamonds to achieve those goals.