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Pink Diamond Capital

Pink Diamond Capital has a bespoke process ensuring you are well informed during the acquisition of your diamond. Our experts are available to assist you through the entire process from enquiry to acquisition.

Things To Consider

Strong Historical Performance.

Pink Diamonds have averaged 13% p/a in capital growth over the past 14 years – outshining all other traditional assets.


Less than 1% of diamonds discovered at Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond mine in Western Australia are pink, which constitutes 90% of the global Pink Diamond supply. With the mine’s 2020 imminent closure in mind, supply will drop – and prices are expected to surge.

Protection Against Volatility

Pink Diamond prices have maintained their value during tough economic times, such as the global financial crisis, providing investors with a stable investment option.

Hedge Against the Australian Dollar

Pink Diamonds are benchmarked on the U.S. dollar as the standard pricing mechanism, this allows investors to add a diversified assest to their portfolio as a hedge against the Australian dollar.

SMSF Permissible Investment

SMSF trustees are increasingly finding Argyle Certified Pink Diamonds a solid asset to add to their portfolio due to their strong historical performance, high potential for capital growth, and low holding costs.

Estate Planning

Pink Diamonds make a great wealth preservation asset which can be included in your estate and passed on to the next generation.

Pink Diamonds are easier and more discreet to buy, store, and transfer ownership compared to other asset options such as property, artwork, bars of gold, platinum, and other precious metals.

Investing With Us

Pink Diamond Capital prides itself on individualised service, we understand not all investors are the same. Through our consultative process, we understand our client’s investment goals then hand-select specific Argyle Certified Pink Diamonds to achieve those goals.