What’s your fancy? The basics of grading fancy pink diamonds.

What’s your fancy? The basics of grading fancy pink diamonds.
PUBLISHED 04/04/2022

When discussing pink diamonds the word ‘fancy’ is often used…and what it means can greatly depend on the context, and the type of diamond being discussed. What follows is a brief guide to the basics. Remember, to gain a deeper understanding of fancy pink diamonds it always pays to speak with a qualified diamond expert at Pink Diamond Capital.

The colour and the shape

‘Fancy’ isn’t a term restricted to pink diamonds. In fact, ‘fancy’ can refer to lack of colour, colour, or shape. Confused yet? Let’s simplify the discussion by dealing with shape first. Any diamond that is cut to a shape that is not a standard round brilliant cut is referred to as ‘fancy cut’. Thus, the term ‘fancy pink diamonds‘ can encompass a multitude of shapes and colours.

Next, let’s deal with colourless diamonds. Most diamonds mined are either colourless or very nearly so. Colourless diamonds are valued for their lack of colour, and as such are graded from ‘D’ to ‘Z’ grade, ‘D’ being perfectly colourless and ‘Z’ being light yellow. Any diamond beyond this range is no longer categorised as ‘colourless’ or ‘near colourless’, but ‘fancy coloured’. In a way, this is opposite to the system used for fancy pink diamonds.


Fancy Pink Diamonds  and grading

Naturally coloured diamonds are far more rare than colourless stones. Unlike colourless stones where value hinges on a lack of colour, coloured diamonds are valued for the intensity of their colour as well as the evenness of its distribution.

Argyle coloured diamonds are categorised into Red, Purplish Red, Purplish Pink, Pink, Pink Champagne and Blue Violet.

Red and Purplish Red are singular categories and don’t contain any sub-grades.


  • Purplish Pink Diamonds are graded from 1PP (most highly coloured) to 9PP (least coloured).
  • Pink diamonds are graded similarly – 1P (most highly coloured) to 9P (least coloured).
  • Likewise, Pink Rose diamonds are graded as 1PR (most highly coloured) to 9PR (least coloured).
  • From the most highly coloured to the least coloured, there are only 3 categories of Pink Champagne diamonds, from PC3 to PC1.
  • Similarly, Blue Violet diamonds are categorised from BL3 to BL1.


The grading of fancy pink diamonds is a complex matter, and we’ve really only scratched the surface in this brief summary. Of course there’s also carat weight, valuation and certification to cover. These are all the realm of diamond experts, although nonetheless it pays to understand the basics if you have an interest in pink diamonds.

Fancy pink diamonds are some of the rarest and most precious gems in the world – far more so than the more common colourless diamonds. Appreciating their beauty is something we can all do, but when you’re considering pink diamonds as an investment, it’s vital to consult with qualified and experienced experts so that you can feel confident moving ahead.

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