Pink Diamond value – so much more than celebrity.

Pink Diamond value – so much more than celebrity.
PUBLISHED 30/05/2023

When celebrities want to take glamour to the next level, they no longer hit the red carpet dripping in ordinary diamonds – increasingly, they choose Pink Diamonds. And it’s interesting that the reason Pink Diamond popularity has soared with celebrities is the same reason that is propelling these gems to increasing popularity with investors all over the world.

The A-list goes pink.

Pink Diamond popularity has perhaps never been better promoted by a single individual than Blake Lively during her engagement to actor Ryan Reynolds. It was hard for the world to ignore Lively’s left hand when she first stepped out wearing an incredible solitaire Pink Diamond engagement ring, at least in part because at somewhere between 7 and 12 carats, the feature stone is hardly what you could call ‘shy and retiring’. Set on a rose gold band lined with even more – albeit far smaller – diamonds, the ring is rumoured to be valued at around US$2 million. And for reasons we’ll get to shortly, in the near future it will be worth far more.

Stunning as her engagement ring may be, Blake Lively can hardly lay claim to being a Pink Diamond pioneer in Hollywood. Back in the early noughties when Ben Affleck popped the question to Jennifer Lopez, the ring he gave her featured a Pink Diamond of over 6 carats. Victoria Beckham has quite a collection of engagement rings given to her by David Beckham, who seems to believe that one is never enough. In 2004 he bowled her over with a champagne, oval cut Pink Diamond ring rumoured to be worth well over one million dollars. And singer Mariah Carey didn’t do Pink Diamond popularity any harm at all by flashing a 10-carat Pink Diamond ring given to her by her boyfriend back in 2008.

Finally, famed more for her Corgis than for catwalk appearances, the late Queen Elizabeth 2 also had a soft spot for Pink Diamonds and, in her time, did her bit for Pink Diamond popularity. Like Blake Lively and so many others, Her Majesty’s Pink Diamond arrived in the lead up to a wedding, in this case to the Duke of Edinburgh. In true royal style, the stone in question well and truly trumped anything Hollywood has seen thus far, coming in at well over 50 carats.

Pink Diamond popularity matters for investors, too.

While Hollywood stars and members of the royal family tend to have plenty of cash to throw at fashion and jewellery, it’s worth noting that when the piece in question features Pink Diamonds, it’s more than jewellery, it’s an investment that will certainly appreciate in value. Pink Diamond popularity comes down to more than just dazzling good looks, it’s directly driven by the incredible rarity of these unique stones. Case in point – it’s been claimed that the Pink Diamond Ben Affleck gave to Jennifer Lopez back in 2008 – then valued at around $US1.2 million – would today be worth well over $US10 million. That’s not just love, that’s high performance investing.

That’s why, in common with Hollywood celebrities, smart investors are increasingly gravitating towards Pink Diamonds. The rare gems consistently outperform all comers on the investment market, and also tend not to be significantly affected by market fluctuations. Far better than gold, much better than the ASX, with a history of stellar growth stretching back decades.

So Pink Diamond popularity is on the rise with investors, not just stars. You might be thinking that this is okay for Ben Affleck and perhaps some big-time market players, but not so much for ordinary folks who don’t have a cool million to spend. The good news is that you don’t need a fortune to get started. Investment quality Pink Diamonds are available from around $AUD25,000. What’s more, they’re allowed in Australia as part of any Self-Managed Super Fund.

“Celebrities certainly help increase Pink Diamond popularity, or at least Pink Diamond awareness”, says Pink Diamond Capital Director Eric Kariuki, “But sometimes the celebrity association also gives people the impression that Pink Diamonds might not be achievable as an investment for mere mortals. Of course, the truth is that Pink Diamonds are easily within the reach of many investors, and they offer very impressive performance. Getting started is not difficult, but needless to say it’s always a good idea to be guided by experts who can show you how to go about the process of investing in Pink Diamonds, and give you the necessary guidance to ensure that you are purchasing certified stones with proven provenance. After all, while there’s glamour and intrigue in every Pink Diamond, unless you’re a celebrity, the number one priority is always going to be peace of mind in the performance on your investment.”

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